Speak Up for Horses

We Are Grateful

There is not a day that goes by without special people stepping up to help the various efforts of Speak Up For Horses. We would need a special website to list each and every person. Instead we have decided to feature some of those special people here, on a list that will be ever changing. We thank each and every one of you - every gift has helped us continue our mission. We hope we "have done you proud". We will continue and we hope you will continue to support our work. Thank you so very much.

Scott Heiser The Animal Legal Defense Fund
Keith Dane HSUS
Pam Roger HSUS
David Smith KY Commonwealth Attorney
Kentucky County Judge/Executives Association
Vince Lang
The Bradley Family
Maria and Rising Star Stables
Henry Bertram
Kentucky State Police
Hagyards Equine clinic
  Dr. Slovis
  Dr. Lisa Tadros
  Dr. Lauren Jabernick
Falmouth Vet Clinic
  Dr. Paul Garofolo
  Dr. Beagely
Dr. Barbara Schmidt
Shulha Greatwater
Mike and Kelly Patterson
Susan Castleberry
Ramola Allen
Mountainview Horse Rescue
The Walters Family
Lee Anne and Triple Lee Farm
My Racing Heart Foundation
Kate Wilts
Jimmy Woods
Kathy Stutler
Lenore Mullaney
John Ross
The Mustang Transport Donors
QHBuddy Erin
Shirley Flinn
Chandra Mattingly
Jamie Gillispie
The members of AOH
Paulette Wachtel
Canter Ohio
  Steve Oldfield
Cincinnati Enquirer
City Beat
Ann Tincher
Fans of Barbaro
The Boys and Girls from New York
Mable Goetz
Karen, Jill and Kate Liebisch
The Fronks
The Silver-Burgmann-Munz shoppers
Stable Trails Farm
Molly Raper
KY Trailrider Association
Mary Lou Wilson DeWeese

Special Supporters And Volunteers

Build a Bear

Dr. Mike O'Bryan, DVM, who kept these horses alive during the court proceedings
Greater Cincinnati Foundation: Brennan Equine Welfare Fund
The National Anti Vivisection Society NAVS
United Animal Nations UAN
The Binky Foundation
Petsmart Foundation
My Racing Heart Foundation
Judge Executive Ray Powers
K and M Tack and Feed
Ace Hardware, Falmouth, KY
Tractor Supply, Maysville, KY
Grantslick Vet Clinic, Grantslick, KY
Marty and Jeanie
Kim, Laura and Bill
Karin and Mary
Anne, Molly and Denise
Carol, Karin and Sabine
Sally, BJ and Shannon
Christine, Nathan and Stephanie
Margo, Ben, David and Anthony
The Kentucky Struts

We are very thankful for the numerous gelding funds we have received from this fabulous organization:

How you can help

Support our mission of helping horses in need; assisting law enforcement with cruelty and neglect cases; working for changes in animal welfare legislation to protect horses and other animals; and rallying the community to take an active role in animal welfare.

Money is tight for all of us. More than ever, we welcome your monetary contribution by mail to P.O. Box 434, Falmouth Kentucky 41040 or by going to

However, there are many, many other ways to offer your support as well.

When you log on to the internet, don't google to find something - Instead use Goodsearch. Goodsearch pays us a penny for every search. You just need to sign up Speak Up For Horses as the recipient of your pennies.

When you internet shop, go to www.SpeakUpForHorses.org first. If you go through our site to Amazon and Barnes and Noble, these vendors contribute a percentage of your total purchase to us. You shop, we benefit. The same holds true for the pet supplier, Country Supply, but you must specify Speak Up For Horses as the beneficiary of this percentage donation when you check out.

If you need to send flowers, go through our site to Flower.com. If you need pet vitamins or medications, go through our site to 1-800-Petmeds. Both vendors then contribute to us.

Looking for the perfect Holiday cards? Please visit Cards for Causes and we will receive a 20% donation from your purchase price. Select Speak Up For Horses on the Select A Cause tab under Animals/Wildlife.

For Shopaholics, go to iGive. Name Speak Up For Horses as your supported non-profit. Then shop at any of the igive mall stores. There are more than 700 stores in the igive mall, including Home Depot, GAP, Nordstrom, QVC, Ebay, Foster and Smith, Lands End, and Overstock.com. Each has agreed to donate a percentage of your purchase amount to us.

American Express card holders can contribute through American Express' Giving Express Program.

Keep us in mind when you want a new sweatshirt or car magnet. Why have a plain sweatshirt, when you can have a great quality sweatshirt with our beautiful logo? Car magnets are a cool way to show you care about horses. I have noticed many a car behind me at a stoplight, mouthing the words Speak Up for Horses. Hopefully those folks log on to our site and learn what we do to help horses. Buy yours by mail or paypal.

To each of our supporters, thank you for all you continue to do to help the horses.

Brennan Equine Welfare Fund