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Our Recent Placements

					Valentino.... "Tino": 2014 chestnut thoroughbred colt. Congratulations to our local trainer Moriah who is head over heels with this wonderful boy.

PaintPaint: 2009 paint who came to us as an unhandled stallion in the spring of 2013. He has been gelded and completed 10 months of professional training. Perfect for the advanced rider to continue taking him into any dirFection. Congratulations to Julie.

Max2Max, 2001 Thoroughbred gelding, has been ridden, currently in training. Light cribber in the stall. Personality plus, extremely well behaved and gets along very well with other horses. Enjoying his new home with Laura and her other horses.

Motown-TrainMotown Train: 2006 thoroughbred gelding by Devil His Due. Unraced and sound. Now learning the ropes with adopters Annie and Nick.

Simon: May 2010 bay quarter horse colt, out of Dolly. Simon likes to talk, make faces, and grab the attention of anyone within his sight. He likes to move and we expect him to grow up to be a big boy. For an experienced horseperson that wants a bold and charismatic partner…here he is. Congratulations to Julie and family.

Ethel: Bay quarter horse mare, 2 years old; Moved to blind horse sanctuary. Thank you Karen.

Mate: bay quarter horse gelding, 6 years old; Congratulations to Lisa and Chelsey.

Rambo: Palomino colt, 6 months old; Congratulations to Connie

FancyFancy: 2005 thoroughbred mare. 16"3 hands and gorgeous. Has had some training after her racing career. Found her new home with Maryann.

HonorHonor: 2008 thoroughbred gelding. Approx. 15.2 hands. This beauty is very kind, sweet and willing. He is a perfect gentleman with the vet and farrier. He loads in and out of a trailer with no problem. Four month of professional retraining under saddle. Congratulations to our volunteer Molly.

Fly: Bay quarter horse mare, 8 years old; Congratulations to Rebecca

Tammy: Bay Quarter Horse mare; 5 years old; Congratulations to Tammie

Todd: Palomino gelding; 4 years old; Congratulations Tammie

Jolene: Dark Bay Quarter Horse Mare; 5 years old, branded. Congratulations Maryann.

Prince: Buckskin colt, 1 year old.

Sweetie: quarter horse mare, 12 years old. Congratulations Vivian. Sweetie gave birth to a beautiful healthy filly on 03/02/2010.

CUTIE: sorrel quarter horse mare, 2 years old

Candy: Liver chestnut Quarter Horse Mare; 9 years old. Congratulations to April.

Whinny: Buckskin colt, 6 months old. Congratulations to Kim.

KY's Nu Check To Cash: 8 year old buckskin.

Tart: Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare; 3 years old.

Nosie: dark bay Quarter Horse mare; 2 years old

Mr. MomMr. Mom, 1998 Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, has been ridden by teenagers, very sweet personality, curious and gets along very well with other horses. Congratulations to Jeannie

Jackson, a wonderful Thoroughbred, was saved out of the kill pen at the Shepherdsville, Kentucky horse auction several years ago. At some point he was donated to a riding facility to be used in 4H classes. After he came up lame, the owner of the riding facility decided to "get rid" of him. His prior owner called us for help and Speak Up For Horses was able to secure Jackson and transition him into a loving forever home, where he is undergoing treatment for EPM.

Costly Shoes, an older broodmare, needed a forever home after her owner decided to retire her. With the help of one of our wonderful volunteers, a home was found in Florida. She will live out the rest of her days on a 900 acre plantation. As an added bonus, her fantastic new family has already adopted several other thoroughbreds, including one of Costly Shoes very own sons. Mom and son are reunited.

We were able to secure five mustang mares from their owners who were charged with animal neglect in 2007 in Harrison County, KY. All five were placed in a local foster home, where they thrived.  Under the loving care of John they regained their health and weight. Two of these lovely mares were adopted by our foster family and will live happily in the Bluegrass for the rest of their lives.  The other three were adopted by Paula and are happily staying together for the rest of their lives in a small private sanctuary.  Two of these three have been together since they were captured by the BLM way back in 1996.

We thank the Walter's family for adopting five lucky horses form a local neglect situation.  Since their adoption/rehabilitation, two of the horses have been successfully shown by the Walter's teenage children.

Sweet Holli Brown, a 5 yo Thoroughbred mare, was no longer able to race after a knee injury.  Her owner contacted us to help find her a soft place to land after she fully recovered from knee surgery.  Mountain View Rescue, KY agreed to take her in and has since placed her with a loving family where she is thriving.

Affair, a magnificent thoroughbred racehorse, had been admired by one of Speak Up's board members for several years. Her wish was that she could help place him when his racing career ended. In July 2007, Affair suffered a shockingly dangerous fall during a race. Luckingly he only suffered a splint bone fracture. His owner retired him and our Speak Up board member got her wish. Affair's owner graciously sent him to Speak Up for rehab. He has recovered and has been adopted by Raymond!  Thank you to CANTER Ohio; to Leanne and Triple Lee Farm for fostering him; to Dr. Barb Schmidt, farrier Trudy, massage therapist Teresa, chiropractor Dr. Ron; his rescue angels Jessica, Annie, Paula and Susan; and the many who financially supported his rehab.

Doc is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. He is a 28 year old quarter horse stallion. Since Katrina, he has struggled with a variety of health issues, all manageable with special handling. He has passed through several owners and last year was purchased at auction for $165. He was no-saled at the same auction a few months later at $60, after having lost considerable weight. We purchased Doc for the $165 so he could be rehabbed with the help of Mountain View Rescue.

Ariel, a beautiful registered quarter horse mare, came to us as a generous donation from her loving owner. Her owner asked that we find Ariel a forever home in the country with an experienced horse person. We found her the perfect place where she can romp with other horses and enjoy a leisurely day on the trail.

Frosty was a pregnant 13 year old quarterhorse exposed to fescue toxicity. While pregnant, she was shipped to an auction where she colic'd and was no-saled. We negotiated with the owner for the purchase of this mare so she could be medically treated and placed in a forever home. She was adopted by a loving family in Kentucky and gave birth to a healthy foal in the March of 2008.

Shelly: sorrel Quarter Horse mare; 9 years old. Congratulations to Betty.

Beauty: Bay Quarter Horse mare; 5 years old. Congratulations to Carol. Beauty and her colt in September 2010.

Buck: Buckskin colt, 1 year old. Congratulations to Vivian R.

Tonto: paint mare; 6 years old. Congratulations Ashley

The Black: black quarter horse mare, 6 years old. Congratulations Betty

Baby: Black Quarter Horse Mare; 5 years old.

Peanut: Bay Quarter Horse colt; 6 months old; Congratulations to Bonnie. (Left photo from June 2010)

Scooter: 2009 quarter horse colt. Congratulations to Deb and Carol

Connie: buckskin mare, 3 years old.

Annie: Quarter horse mare.

Dora: Bay Quarter Horse mare; 3 years old; Congratulations to Dawn.

Rosie: 2009 Dark bay quarter horse filly; Congratulations to Betsy.

Jake: 2009 buckskin quarter horse colt. Congratulations to Elmer.

Bruce: 2009 buckskin quarter horse colt, congratulations to Debbie.

KY's Command Finale: Bay Quarter Horse gelding; 6 years old, 15 hands; Congratulations to Michael

Dolly: quarter horse mare, 10 years old; Congratulations to Maryann.

Phate: Bay Quarter Horse Mare; 7 years old; Congratulations to Maryann.

KY's Magic Bar Chex: 5 year old paint gelding; Congratulations to Kope.

Josh: Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding; 3 years old; Congratulations to Elizabeth.

Gus: June 2010 roan quarter horse colt, out of Flame, Gus will be loved by McKenna.

Babe: sorrel quarter horse mare, 6 years old.

Tater: sorrel quarter horse mare, 12 years old. Tater is a very wise lady who loves people and children, but also enjoys her alone time. She appears to have been ridden in an earlier life, but needs a refresher course. Congratulations to Kathy and family.

Ruby: April 2010 sorrel quarter horse filly, out of Tater. Females have attitude? Not this young lady. Absolutely sweet and kind, always wanting to please. Loves other horses, people and kids. While she will stay on the short side, her looks will take your breath away. Her movements are absolutely devine and graceful. A true gem all the way around. Congratulations to Kathy and family.

Little Mister: April 2010 bay quarter horse colt, out of Sugar. This guy knows he is cute and agile. He is not big, but he makes up for it with a huge personality.

In Loving Memory

Daughter of Wolf was Speak Up's first resident rescue horse. An elegant thoroughbred, former racehorse and broodmare, came to us after her owner died. His mother knew what could happen to a 19 year old broodmare and asked if we would accept her as a boarder at Shelly's for the rest of her life. We did. We only wish her life could have been longer. She had to be euthanized after eight months due to a tumor that caused colic. Run with the wind sweet Wolf.

Kay-2DKay was one of the Valentine herd. We brought her and Tino, her 9 month old baby, to the rescue when she was 25 years old. Kay was extremely underweight but recovered beautifully under our care. At 27 she became unable to hold her weight on her hind leg due to an untreatable neurological issue. She had a happy life for the last 2 years and we all loved her. She was so sweet, kind and gentle. We will miss her beyond words. Run with the wind precious girl.