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Horse Welfare, Horse Slaughter videos and video news reports. (Please note some footage may be graphic in nature and should be previewed before allowing children to view.)

Thoroughbreds Given Second Lease on Life (video)
American Horse by John Holland on MetaCafe (Please vote for this video on MetaCafe)
Reclaiming the American Horse by Julie Carramente
Auction horses and the kill buyers who buy them
Humane Society of the United States undercover video of horse slaughter (very graphic)
CBS Horse Slaughter Investigation (CBS News -audio only)

Horse Welfare, Horse Slaughter Articles
Suffolk Downs begins zero-tolerance slaughter policy
Adopt a horse and Save it from the Slaughterhouse (ABC News)
John Holland: Relationship between horse slaughter and reported cases of abuse
Magna (owner and operator of horses race tracks) adopts "No slaughter policy
They Have To Be Free (ESPN News)
Wild and Free (Boston Globe)

Commercial Transport To Slaughter Issues
37 horses in trailer accident
36 horses in trailer accident
Transport to Slaughter (VEW)
59 horses in double decker accident
24 horses in double decker accident
60 horses in double decker accident
42 horses in double decker accident
Double Deck Transport
Double Deck Cattle Trailers Transporting Horses
US Commercial Transportation to Slaughter Act 2001
30 Horses Burned In Trailer

General research on horse welfare issues

Cavel Miracle Horses Story
A Horse's Nightmare
USDA records of animal cruelty
Observations and Opinions of a Horse Killer Part I
Observations and Opinions of a Horse Killer Part II
Observations and Opinions of a Horse Killer Part III

Animals Angels' Investigations
Double Deck Transport Report Form
Horse Slaughter Statistics 1989 - current
KY Slaughter Buyers and Horse Auctions 2011

Absolutely Dancing!
Blindness is not a reason not to

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