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Let's Kick Up Our Heels!

Everybody's gotta have a little fun they say. Well, we here at Speak Up For Horses want to have a lot of fun. Send us your photos, send us your drawings, your letters, your stories and your permission to post them here. Don't forget to print out our banner and send your Speak Up For Horses photo for our Speak Up For Horses Around the World scrapbook. If you have an idea you'd like to share about how we can bring Speak Up For Horses to your community, please .

Around the World

We invite you to add your photo to our scrapbook of supporters who SPEAK UP FOR HORSES.

Print our Speak UP For Horses banner by clicking here. You will be printing four 8½x11 sheets of paper. Tape the 4 sheets together to make a banner and glue or tape the banner to a piece of cardboard. Take the banner to a meaningful place (or several) and snap a digital photo of you and your friends holding the banner. Email us the photo with your written permission to use the photo. We are building a slide show of our supporters around the world.

Here are a few examples to give you some ideas (click for full view):

Buy our car magnets

car magnet

For a $6.00 donation your car can Speak Up For Horses with this purple magnet. Order by PayPal or by sending your check to Speak Up For Horses, Inc., P.O. 434, Falmouth, Kentucky 41040.

Raise Money for Your Group

We have nifty plastic sleeved, ribbon tassled bookmarkers for fundraising. They sell for a suggested $2 donation. They make a great children's fundraising project. They are colorful with horse pictures on one side and on the other side. They are an easy way for kids to help us raise money. Money raised from the bookmarkers go into the Bundles of Books project. Contact us for details.

sweatshirts for sale
We now have sweatshirts and t-shirts available! We've got both hoodies and crews in sweats. There's a small logo on the front and a large one on the back. We have a variety of colors and sizes. Email for availability. The sweatshirts are $30 plus $10 shipping. Sizes larger than xl are an additional $1.60. The t-shirts are $20 plus $5 shipping, with an extra $1.30 for sizes larger than xl. You can order by check sent to Speak Up For Horses, P.O. Box 434, Falmouth Kentucky 41040 or by Paypal. Please contact us for availability of sizes and colors.

Second-Chance Horses

We are very proud that our very own Hapsirishpub's story has been chronicled in an Eclipse Press Publications book entitled Second-Chance Horses! This book reflects on several heartwarming stories about racehorses given a second chance after racing, You can order the book by going to Amazon.

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